Shiny Blue Ducks

It’s been a while since anyone posted here but don’t worry, we aren’t gone yet. While new articles are still in the works, I thought I’d delve into the world of podcasting. Right now I only have one source which is a twice-monthly meeting of Shiny Blue Ducks. Obviously you have no idea what that is becuase its relatively new and very localized and it’s name makes little to no sense. No worries, I’m hear to explain. The name DOES male no sense but the Shiny Blue Ducks (SBD for short) is a local Apologetics group hosted by Tom H Moller.

Rather than get into a long post about this Apologetics Group, let me just point you to last weeks Podcast (assuming this works). Knowledge of Resurrection – 12/8/09

P.S. if this doesn’t work and you know why (or have an idea) please share so we can get this working right.

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