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Duane Smets

Pastor Duane M. Smets is the lead elder/overseer of The Resolved Church. Duane is twenty-nine years old and married to Amy J. Smets and they have one daughter, Adina Rain Smets, born in Nov.9th, 2007.

Pastor Duane’s educational background includes a B.A. in Religion from PLNU, a B.TH. from L.I.F.E. Bible College and an M.A. in Theology from Talbot School of Theology.

Duane’s ministerial background began in 1998 and since then he has served as a youth pastor, college pastor, evangelist and in 2005 planted The Resolved Church. His writings have appeared in Relevant Magazine, Kaleo Publications, and his Master’s thesis, “The New Testament Evangelist” can be found both online and in libraries connected with Biola University. Duane is a gifted and passionate preacher who treasures Christ, his family and Jesus’ church.

Sam Shin

There isn’t much about me other than the fact that I have a lovely wife, three daughters, and a rambunctious but cute son. I pastor a church in the SF Bay Area and while I am no expert on apologetics or theology, I love to talk about the Lord. I can talk hours upon hours wrestling the things of God but I am always humbled by how small I am in light of His glory. Truly, I am a man of small account (Job 38-41). However, I enjoy reading, discussing, reflecting, and thinking about Him and would love to interact with those who have that same heart.

My favorite books are here. I love the New York Yankees and am often on an island when it comes to rooting for them because so many seem to despise them.

Thomas Moller

I think about the Gospel and how to adapt that Gospel to the culture God has placed us in. I think about genes and how our sin affects genes and in turn how genes contribute to our sin. I think about how the church should be a counter cultural institution challenging perceived norms and opinions with this Gospel of Grace He has revealed to us; demonstrating that our sin has been nailed to His Cross. I think about theology and doctrine and how sometimes we spend too much time on theology and doctrine and not enough time on proclaiming that theology and doctrine because we are too fearful. I think about how God can use me to teach others to overcome that fear with His Gospel. And I pray that I am useful to His end.

Thomas Moller is one of the elders at Kaleo Church in San Diego, CA. Has a B.S. from University California, San Diego in Biochemistry / Cell Biology, minored in Philosophy and Psychology.

Luke Shiras

The fool who started this site. Just an average guy who got the bug to blog and found the community aspect far more enjoyable. I write about religion and photography and cool things I’ve found but I also love working with others to solve design issues and helping others reach their full potential. Great, now I sound like a job applicant. I’m a problem solver. It’s what I do and how I learned what I know. I started this site to put my mediation skills to work helping others understand each other.

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